Lady Emily Book #13

Coming 30 October 2018

On her deathbed, Queen Victoria asks to speak privately with trusted agent of the Crown Colin Hargreaves, slipping him a letter with her last, parting command: Une sanz pluis. Sapere aude. “One and no more. Dare to know.”

The year is 1901 and the death of Britain’s longest-reigning monarch has sent all of the Empire into mourning. But for Lady Emily and her dashing husband Colin, the grieving is cut short as another royal death takes center stage. A body has been found in the Tower of London, posed to look like the murdered medieval king Henry VI. Soon after a second dead man turns up in London's exclusive Berkeley Square, his mutilated remains staged to evoke the violent demise of Edward II, it becomes evident that the individual behind the crimes plans to kill again and again. The race to find him takes Emily deep into the capital’s underbelly, with its secret gangs, street children, and sleazy brothels. But the clues aren’t adding up, and even more puzzling are the anonymous letters Colin has been receiving since Victoria's death, letters that seem connected to Henry V and his campaigns in France. Is someone threatening Victoria's successor, Edward VII?

Pre-order a signed copy from the fabulous Poisoned Pen bookstore and you'll get an exclusive bound copy of an essay about some of the historical background for the novel and learn why my working title was The Death of Kings...

"Engrossing...English history lovers will be enthralled." -Publisher's Weekly

"...readers are in the author’s trustworthy hands, and the working out of the puzzle will delight mystery and history buffs alike...With a few cheeky references to a certain umbrella-wielding archaeologist (Amelia Peabody) and to Lady Emily’s breathtakingly handsome swain, Emily and Colin... straighten the strands and explain a whopper of strange connections." -Booklist

"Alexander, who’s adept at mixing historical facts with mysteries, includes chapters featuring a tale from 1415 that’s easily as interesting as the...mystery that finally brings past and present together." -Kirkus



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